Brand partnerships


nycross, what?

Oh, hey there! Thank you *so* much for taking the time to learn about us. We're a 12-year-old organization that produces a yearly series of cyclocross races in New York. We're also a team of racers that compete in elite, junior, and masters races, and we travel across the Northeast to compete - men and women, and all ages!


but, what is cyclocross?

If you mashed up road bike racing with mountain bike racing, it might look a bit like cyclocross. It usually happens in a park, which is nice, because you can watch the whole race unfold (unlike a road race, where you only see the start and finish). It's high-energy, all-out racing, lasting about an hour, with lots of course features – check out a quick video of one of our past races.  A cross race is kind of like an all-day party, where all are welcome.


What you'll get by sponsoring us

So, it's not rocket science – in return for helping us with donating goods to be given out as podium prizes, or similar arrangements - we'll rep your brand in the following ways:

  • Your logo all over the dang place! It will appear on our BikeReg page, our Facebook Event page, and if you have anything you'd like to supply us, physical materials at the event itself. Several thousand will see the web page, and several hundred will be at the event.
  • Images on social media of prize winners with your product -- amateur racers love to post pictures of themselves on podiums.
  • Our MC's will endorse your product as prizes to be won. MC'ing is a huge part of cyclocross, which is why it's so fun. These guys will call the race action, crack jokes, and carry out the podium ceremony.
  • Shout-outs in any press we receive. Cycling is definitely a niche sport in America, but we will put out a press release for our event, and include a description of your sponsorship

a bit more about who we are, and who our attendees are

NYCROSS races could be classified as large "grassroots"-level cyclocross races – we're a group of passionate bike folks from the area that have been producing our own races, DIY-style, for the past several years. The Uncle Sam weekend in Troy, for example, will bring in an average of about 500 people over the two days – about half will be from the local scenes, and half will be travelers from New York State, Vermont, and New England. 

Cyclists are known for their love of food and drink – but *especially* that which is made on the local level and with quality. We tend not to be Walmart shoppers.


Thanks for the time. really!

Please get in touch with Scott Birdsey at, if you have any interest in chatting. Let's build something together!