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Mark Walling

ALBANY, NY. (September 17, 2018) - The NYCROSS cyclocross race series begins its 13th year on September 23rd with Kirkland Cyclocross, in Clinton, NY. NYCROSS is New York State’s original grassroots cyclocross series, and is based in the Capital Region of NY, which serves as a central point between New England, Western New York, and the metropolitan area of New York City. The series returns with the same five dates from 2017, with several new features and changes.


Beginner Women’s Program with Coach Rhys Niesen and Bike Loft East

In an effort to introduce new individuals to the sport, NYCROSS is carrying out a turn-key program for women on each race day. Rhys Niesen, an elite racer from the 4x National Champion Jeremy Powers’ JAM Fund team, will host a free clinic prior to the Category 4/5 women’s race. Bike Loft East will provide free loaner bikes for those signed up on the event page. This program has been made possible by the generous support of Homestead Funding Corp. and a grant from the New York State Bicycle Racing Association, who see the importance in engaging new competitors in the sport.


New Race Schedule

Dates have been carefully chosen for 2018 to avoid any large UCI races in the region, and the day-of schedule now includes the following changes:

  1. A later start time to facilitate more participation of new racers

  2. Two dedicated beginner (Category 4/5) and elite (Category 1/2/3) women’s fields

  3. A combined elite (Category 1/2/3) men’s field to close the day


Dates are as follows, and can be found for registration on Brand new for this year is a series pass that allow racers to register for all dates at a discount.

  1. September 23: Kirkland Cyclocross, Clinton, NY

  2. October 6-7: Uncle Sam Grand Prix, Troy, NY

  3. October 28: Wicked Creepy Cross, Bennington, VT

  4. November 4: Bethlehem Cup, Delmar, NY


Cyclocross and the NYCROSS Series

Cyclocross is a dynamic, action-filled discipline of bike racing done on a closed loop of varying off-road terrain, typically in a park. It is the fastest growing segment of bike racing, and is an easy, safe, and exciting way to try racing on a bicycle. NYCROSS began in 2005 as a way to import the energy and best-practices coming out of the New England cyclocross scene. It has grown to include a development team, which most notably hosted Emma White during her 2012 National Championship as a Junior. Over the years, the series has added and subtracted dates, and now focuses on its four classic locations: Clinton, NY; Troy, NY; Bennington, VT; and Bethlehem, NY.