2018 Series Rules

  • Riders accumulate points in the following categories by racing at each of the series events:
    1. Cat 1/2/3 Women
    2. Cat 1/2/3 Men
    3. Cat 4/5 Women
    4. Cat 4 Men
    5. Masters Men
    6. U19 Girls
    7. U19 Boys
    8. U15 Boys and Girls
  •  Points are awarded based on finishing place at each event as follows:

1st: 20 points; 2nd: 17 points; 3rd: 15 points; 4th: 13 points; 5th: 11 points; 6th: 10 points; 7th: 9 points; 8th: 8 points; 9th: 7 points; 10th: 6 points; 11th: 5 points; 12th 4 points; 13th: 3 points; 14th place and lower: 2 points.

  • Ties for series leader are broken as follows: 
    • Head to head placing of riders in the last race.
    • A single round of rock paper scissors.
  • Series leaders in Cat 1/2/3 races must wear the designated series leaders jersey.  Failure to wear a series leaders jersey will result in a forty point penalty in series points.  Short and Long Sleeve Jerseys will be available for 2018.
  • All races count in the series. No dropping the worst score or anything.  Go to all the races, do everything you can to finish! Collect those valuable points and maybe score a cool blue jersey!